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The Rockwell test is comparatively easier to perform and more precise than other hardness testing methods. The Rockwell test method can be used on all metals, except in the condition where the test sample structure or surface conditions would bring too many variations; where the indentations can be too large; or where the sample size or shape may prohibit its use. 


The Vickers hardness test method, otherwise called a microhardness test method, is used for small objects, thin sections, as well as the case depth work. Due to the small indentation in a Vickers test, it can test very thin materials like foils, small parts, small areas, or the surface of a part, and individual microstructures. It can also figure out the depth of hardening by sectioning apart and creating a series of indentations to find the change in hardness. This method can evaluate almost any type of material such as ceramics, metals, and composites as well.

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